We provide a broad range of consulting services and marketing support to help maximize your marketing spend and ensure your client/vendor relationships are productive, efficient and positive.  With in-depth knowledge and attention to detail, MarketingSmith will craft for you:

Marketing Strategy

Leveraging insights to understand the drivers of your business and creating a strategy to achieve your business goals is at the heart of what we do. Whether it’s creating a promotional plan, researching new business opportunities or leading a search for a new creative agency, MarketingSmith is your trusted partner.

  • Integrated marketing/promotional strategy and execution
  • Promotional plan development
    • Agency management
    • Evaluation of your current promotional strategy
    • Experiential and event marketing
    • Customer marketing
  • Project and event management
  • Sponsorship management and program analysis
    • Sponsorship and endorsement strategy/deal assessment
    • Property opportunity and presentation assessment
    • Sponsorship package development
    • ROI assessment
    • Sponsorship management
    • Sponsorship negotiation
  • Promotion and Integrated Marketing Workshops
    • Promotions 101
    • How to Effectively Manage an Agency
    • How to Develop a Strong Creative Brief
    • Building and Managing an Effective Interagency Team
    • Evaluating and Reviewing Agencies for Continued Improvement
  • RFP Management
  • Integrated Marketing Agency Support


Digital Marketing and Ecommerce

There is no longer a line between marketing and digital marketing, but understanding how to leverage digital vehicles and get your product sold through an ecommerce platform takes the right expertise.

  • Ecommerce management
    • Amazon webstore
    • Ecommerce website development and back-end management
  • Social media program development and execution
  • Marketing automation and email marketing


Customer Experience

Understanding your customer’s wants and needs is paramount to driving a successful business. Getting to these insights through the Voice of the Customer (VoC) and developing a journey map of the key moments that matter to them will provide you with the keys to improving how your customer’s view you and how loyal they will be.

  • Customer insight research
  • Journey map workshop and creative development
  • Moments that matter identification
  • Human centered design solution development